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    1-3 / 4-6 / 7-12

    ind. excursion New York - Capital of the World
    6 hours
    REG: $650/750/950-1500

    Полная экскурсия по Нью-Йорку. Манхеттен, Баттери-парк, Линкольн-центр, Бродвей, Уолл-стрит, Рокфеллер-центр, ООН и еще...


    New York - the capital of the world. This is the city of Rome, Pope Johannes II. In the course of the review car-pedestrian excursion tourists will see the main attractions of New York. The first site - the southern tip of the island of Manhattan - "Battery Park", where the Hudson River is the first pier in New York and where the closest you can admire the famous Statue of Liberty, a museum of emigration on the island Ellis Island. [Touch cursor photos, you name it.]

    Tourists always went to the International Financial Center with its amazing beauty of a winter garden. It is from here you can see a place of tragedy, which is now known to the whole world "GROUND ZERO".
    We will see the famous New York street business - Wall Street (Wall Street), the Exchange Building and the bronze bull - a symbol of the financial world of the street.

    In a continuation of the excursion we'll go to "China Town" (China Town) and "Little Italy" (Little Italy).

       Another visit to the port of "South Port", has a panoramic view of the famous bridges of New York.

    Drive across the whole of Manhattan (just a few blocks), we will stop near the buildings of the United Nations (UN), located on the bank of another river, limiting Manhattan - the East River.

    Close to the famous Broadway, the theater center of New York, we crossed the shining day and night, Times Square and doedem to the famous architectural ensemble of "Lincoln Center." It is the most prestigious theaters and concert halls of New York led to the famous Metropolitan Opera. When we crossed Central Park, spread their lawns, flower beds, tracks, scenes and even a small zoo in the heart of true Manhattan, we get to the famous for its luxury shops, museums and 5 th Avenue, virtually the entire center of New York. Driving along it, we'll see "Rockefeller Center" with its samples of classical neboskrebnoy architecture. Also sure to see "Tramp Tower, a look at his pink lobby. From there you return to the hotel or stay on your desire to continue to «win» the capital of the world alone.

    Running a full tour of New York - 6-7 hours. Visit New York - the beginning of the knowledge of the United States of America! 

    Option tours A. Tour of New York could be held on s0kraschennomu variant - no way out of the car. The duration of such trips - 4 hours.

    Option B. excursion tour may be included to further grow in the overview area building Empire State. The duration of this tour - 8 hours.

    Option B. excursion tour may be added to cruise to the Statue of Liberty (The loading of the ship to dock in the Butter-park). The duration of such trips - 8 - 8.5 hours.

    Option tours, in a tour can be added to visit one of the museums in New York: Metropolitan, Guggenheim, Madame Tussauds, or any other of your choice. The duration of this alternative tours - 9 hours.

    Option D. In the excursion tour may include additional visits to the area Brighton Beach - areas where immigrants from b.. USSR in New York, who called the Odessa American. The duration of this alternative tours - 9 hours. 

    The cost of additional options (options should be specified and paid for in advance):

                  Option A - the cost of trips decreased by 150, 170, 200 dollars in accordance with the value of the option

                  Option B - the cost of trips increased by

                  Option B - the cost of trips increased by

                  Option D --

                  Option D --



    1.Poryadok visit and inspection of facilities may vary depending on the circumstances and wishes of tourists.

    2. At the request of the tourists visit can be combined with other tours to New York to be part of a larger excursion (eg, alternative A may be combined with options B, C, D or D) and end with a visit to the nightclubs, theaters or evening cruise with dinner on the Hudson River (see special description).

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