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tours to France

Charm of France
# 5832-GAZ-INT


12 days
от $3650 flight incl

 Champagne, Burgundy, Brittany, Normandy 

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                                                    French charm

                         Champagne, Burgundy, Brittany, Normandy (12 days)

Day 1 Departure from New York to Paris.

Day 2 Arrival in Paris. Lodging  and rest in hotel. Evening tour. Overnight in 4 * hotel in Paris

Day 3 Departure from Paris. A visit to the Fontenbleaux castle..Famous people who have left their marks on the history of the castle include King Francois I, his son Henry II and his mistress Diane de Poitiers, and  Napoleon Bounaparte, who signed his abdication here. Further  through areas that have long been famous for their vineyards and wines , we arrive in ancient Troix - the pearl of Champagne. Tour of  the picturesque medieval city center. Overnight in hotel near Dijon.

Day 4: This day will be devoted to Burgundy. Excursion in Dijon. Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy, Dijon Cathedral, and more. And   of course, can not do without Dijon mustard which is available. They say there are about 20 varieties. . Return to the hotel near Dijon.

Day 5 Transfer from Burgundy to central France .On the way a  visit to the famous Gothic cathedral in Bourges, which is under UNESCO protection. Accommodation in a hotel near  Tour.

Day 6: This day will be devoted to castles . Amboise, where Leonardo da Vinci  spent the last years of his life.  The castle has a valuable collection of furniture, weapons, and more .Villandry is famous for its magnificent gardens on three levels, a sample of the French landscape art. Overnight at hotel near Tour.

Day 7 Moving on to Brittany. Transfer to Saint-Malo, the once formidable pirate city, the birthplace acques Cartier and the famous writer François de Chateaubriand. Walking tour of the old town, enclosed in a ring of fortifications, which offers a magnificent sea panorama. Overnight at the hotel in the vicinity of Mont-Saint-Michel

. Day 8 Mont St Michel. Abbey island, a medieval town on a rock, according to Victor Hugo's "pyramid in the ocean." The combination of architecture and exceptional beauty of the location makes it a unique Abbey. Return to the hotel.

Day 9: Journey along the coast of Normandy. Visit to  museum in Bayeux, which houses a 69 meter tapestry, telling the story of the Norman conquest of England. Walks and excursions in the resort town of Deauville on the Channel coast . Moving to Rouen. Night in Rouen.

Day 10: Rouen - the ancient capital of Normandy, one of the oldest cities in France.  Tour of the historic  inner city. . Return to the hotel in Rouen.

Day 11 Departure from Rouen to Paris. But on this day we will visit the castle of Chantilly, surrounded by an artificial lake and a park. Art lovers will discover an amazing collection of paintings by Raphael , Rubens, Van Dyck, Ingres, Delacroix, Corot and others. Night in Paris.

Day 12: Flight from Paris to New York.

The tour program includes:

  • direct flight from New York,
  • group transfers,
  • accommodation in 4 * hotels,
  • buffet breakfast, 4 lunches, wine tasting


 Attention! The tour program described  above  is  for information purposes only  and may  be  changed   for  each  tour  date   before departure .   A passport with  an  expiration  date  of  at  least  6  months past  the  tour  end  date  is mandatory.  USA  citizens  do not  require visas  to France.  Trip  insurance is highly  recommended.        Please  take  the  time to  familiarize  yourself  with "The terms  and  conditions " of our company. Thanks


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