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Germany: 7 different cities


9 days
от $1540 + flight
SNGL +$330

 Berlin  - Dresden- Hamburg  - Lubeck- Bremen- Dusseldorf  - Cologne  - Dresden - Frankfurt am Main  

                                   Germany: 7 different cities or 7 incredible sensations

                          For  more  detailed program   please  switch over to  RUSSIAN  VERSION

Berlin (3n), Dresden, Hamburg (1n), Lubeck, Bremen, Dusseldorf (1n),   Cologne Cathedral, Potsdam Sansouci Palace, the Dresden art gallery, the architectural jewel of the Middle Ages - Munster, the  internationally known resort Bad Homburg and medieval castles on the Rhine, Frankfurt am Main (2n). 

Germany is a country of contrasts. The modern cities of glass and concrete, are located here, just a few minutes from the pristine forests and fields in which "hide" medieval castles and fortresses, small "puppet towns", standing in the valleys of winding rivers. Fine Baroque palaces and parks, unique museums with world class collections, , thermal and mountain resorts, peacefully coexist here with international  industrial giants.   .Germany  has been known  for centuries  as the "country of poets and thinkers " ; today it is  rapidly becoming a country of builders of the new art, original architecture, with its own view of fashion and design. Here, every city has its own "flavor", which its citizens talk about with pride! In some places it is beautiful views and clean air, in others it could be a story rooted  the Middle Ages and antiquity, or ancient cathedrals and castles, or famous citizens. Let's not forget German folk cuisine and the variety of beers (only in Munich, there are more than 900 varieties!). So let's take a look at the new Germany, the advanced country of the XXI century!


   Day 1 Departure  from the US

   Day 2 Arrive Berlin ,transfer  to hotel,   tour to Potsdam  incl Sanssouci Palace. Overnight in Berlin

  Day 3  Breakfast. City  tour of  Dresden  incl Art  Gallery . Overnight  in Berlin .

  Day 4 Breakfast. Panoramic tour of Berlin Overnight

  Day 5  Breakfast .Departure  to Lubeck, the famous Hanseatic city. Continue to Hamburg. Panoramic tour, overnight

  Day 6 Breakfast  Departure  to Bremen  and continue to Dusseldorf , overnight

  Day 7 Breakfast . Departure  to Cologne , city tour incl the famous  Cathedral , continue to Frankfurt , overnight .

  Day 8 Breakfast .Panoramic tour  of  the city. In the afternoon visit Bad Homburg. Overnight  in Frankfurt

  Day 9 Breakfast.  Transfer to  the airport


The tour includes :

  • accommodation  in  3* ,4*  hotels  with buffet  breakfasts,
  •  excursions according  the  tour program.


Attention! The tour program described  above  is  for information purposes only  and may  be  changed   for  each  tour  date   before departure . A  passport with  an  expiration  date  of  at  least  6  months past  the  tour  end  date  is mandatory.  US citizens  do not  require visas  to Germany   Trip  insurance is highly  recommended.        Please  take  the  time to  familiarize  yourself with "The terms and conditions " of our company. Thanks! 


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