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Tour - Cruise along South America
#6129- RT- CRS

March 06 , 2019

от $2900 +flight

Chile-  Uruguay- Argentina - Brazil

 For  more  detailed  tour program and pricing    please  switch  over to  RUSSIAN  VERSION

                                                              March  06  -  25 , 2019

Day 1 (March 6). Departure from the United States. 

Day 2 (March 7). Arrival in the capital of Chile - Santiago de Chile. Accommodation at the hotel and rest. Evening guided walk through Santiago de Chile.

Day 3 (March 8).  10 am start of bus and walking tour of the Chilean capital.  Board the cruise ship HOLLAND AMERICA ZANDAAM at 3pm. Sail at 6 pm.

Day 4 ( March 9). Recreation and entertainment on the ship. 

 Day 5(March 10). At 7 am arrival in the Chilean port of Puerto Montt. At 10:00 - departure for a tour of the port city, founded 150 years ago, and its scenic surroundings. Return to ship by 4 pm..

Days 6 - 7 (  March 11-12). During  these days of our cruise the ship will slowly navigate  the most beautiful fjords and natural channels of the Southern Hemisphere. Chilean fjords leave a lasting impression in the memory of travelers.

Day 8 (March 13). On this day, our ship will enter the famous 525-mile Strait of Magellan, discovered by the  great Portuguese navigator in the XVI century 

On the same day we will stop at the port of Punta Arenas. At 10 am - the beginning of a walking tour of the southernmost port of Chile, which is impossible to reach by land. Return to ship by 5 pm. 

Day 9   (March 14 ). In the morning  our ship will pass close to  the glacier and will arrive   in the Argentine port Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego). In 1 pm   - the beginning of the bus and walking tour  Tierra del Fuego capital. Return to ship by 7 pm.

Day 10 (March 15). On this day our cruise ship will pass Cape Horn, named after the Dutch town Goorn,  Cape is located in the Drake Passage, which is named after the famous English pirate admiral. It is  less than 800 kilometers from here to Antarctica.

Day 11 (March 16). At 8 am, the ship will arrive in the capital of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Port Stanley. At 10 am will begin a walking tour of the city, whose name became known throughout the world in the early 1980s when England and Argentina fought a war  for the right to possession of the island territory.

Return to ship by 5 pm.

Day 12 - 13 ( March 17-18). Recreation and entertainment on the ship.

Day 14 (March 19). Arrival in the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo at 8am. At 9 am - start a walking tour of the Old Town,

Return to ship by 5 pm.

Day 15 (March 20). Our ship completes its journey in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. At 9 o'clock we will go on a  bus and walking tour of the Argentine capital. .

Those interested can visit the fascinating show of Argentine Tango with a tasting of Argentinean cuisine and wines (surcharge)

Day 16 (March 21). Breakfast on the ship. In the afternoon - transfer to the airport. Flight to the US - or at Iguazu Falls.

We arrive at Iguazu around 3.30 pm , and immediately go on a trip to the National Park of Iguazu. On this day we will see the waterfalls from the Argentine side. 
In the evening - accommodation in a hotel on the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls 

Day 17 (March 22). Breakfast in the hotel. At 9:30 - continue to  explore the  Iguazu Falls Park - now on the Brazilian side. Visit the unique Bird Park. In the evening - return to the hotel.

 Day 18 ( March 23 ). Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to Iguazú Airport. In the afternoon - flight to Rio de Janeiro.

Hotel accommodation. The first acquaintance with one of the most chaotic and always attractive cities in the world - Rio de Janeiro. 

Day 19 (March 24). At 9 am after breakfast at the hotel continue our acquaintance with the city.

In the afternoon, we climb the Corcovado (hunchback mountain), at the foot of the statue of Christ the Savior - the majestic symbol of Rio de Janeiro. 
After the tour - Transfer to the airport for the flight to the United States.

Day 20 (  March 25). Return to the US

 US citizens do not require a  visa to enter Chile, Argentina and Uruguay

 Attention! Brazilian visa  worth $ 180 is obtained in the Consulate. We will provide you with the necessary visa support

The cost of a 16-day tour-cruise:

• inside cabin - from $ 2900 + flight; 
• Surcharge for cabin with a window - $ 230 per person; 
• Surcharge for cabin with balcony - upon request subject to availability; 
• Supplement for 3-day tour to Iguazu Falls and Rio de Janeiro - $ 750 per person.

Price includes:

• 14-day cruise on a comfortable modern ship HOLLAND AMERICA ZANDAAM; 
• Meals on a cruise ship (except drinks separately); 
• All transfers; 
• All excursions in the program in Russian; 
• Support by tour manager; 
• Accommodation in hotels with breakfast (before and after the cruise).


 Attention! The tour program described  above  is  for information purposes only  and may  be  changed   for  each  tour  date   before departure .   Passport with  an  expiration  date  of  at  least  6  months past  the  tour  end  date  is mandatory.   Trip  insurance is highly  recommended.        Please  take  the  time to  familiarize  yourself  with "The conditions and the rules" of our company. Thanks



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