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    Washington - the Capital of the USA

    On Mondays,Wednesdays, Saturdays

    2 days

    Capitol - White House - Embassy Row - Arlington Cemetery - National Shrine - Memorials - Kennedy Center of Art - Museums

    Wasington - the Capital  of the United States


    Day 1-st. New York, Washington.

    Our tour brings you to Washington - the Capital of the USA.

    Road to capital of the U.S. runs through 3 states: New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Washington - the capital of the United States, located in the District of Columbia.    If look at map , then  the city  is   a correct diamond  with   each side about 10 miles.  

     Washington. The Thomas Jefferson MemorialTours on American Capital  usually  start with  Thomas Jefferson Memorial - the  third President of the country, author of the Declaration of Independence.

    Next to it is another Memorial - another president - Franklin Delano Roosevelt . Memorial consists of  four parts, each devoted to one of  four elections of FDR   The memorial was built in Park, in which  a few trees  still re -  main from  the  Sakura 3000 lot  ( many years ago   given  as a gift  by the  Japanese  Government ) . Washington. The Capitol

     We visit  one more Memorial - President Lincoln .  At  the middle of this is located directly «pencil» Washington Monument, well visible from many parts  of the city.

    Near there are two majestic Memorials, of Korea and Vietnamese wars, which  we  visit  as well . Washington. The White House

    After  that  we pay tribute to   Albert Einstein monument , amazing bronze  statue  depicting  him seating  with  manuscrupt  papers in hand  by famous  sculptor Robert Berks .  Then we depart  to another part  of the city to look at   the  Capitol ,    Library of Congress -  the largest library in the world   and the oldest federal cultural institution in the USA  and the Suprime court  of the USA.

    The last point of the first day will  be White House  - the residence of the President of the country . It has been  the residence of every US president since 1800. We will see the building from different anglesSouth from White House is located    very amazing  Zero Milestonne ,  a zero mile marker.

    Washington. Arlington Cemetry

    On the same evening, you'll see  famous, beautifully illuminated memorials  : Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington ,  and also Kennedy Center - a giant concert and theater complex.

    Overnight in Washington .

    Day 2-nd. Washington, New York.

    Your day will begin with a visit to Arlington Memorial Cemetery, you  will see   the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. After this we'll   be on our way  to the famous museum Mall, where  there are more than 10 national museums.  The two of them, perhaps the most interesting  ones are :  National Gallery and the Museum of Space. After visiting these  museums we'll go back to New York City

    But before  departure  we will drive  through  the  elegant Embassy Row, where   foreign embassies are located  in a diversity of  architectural  mansions .

    The  price includes:

    • bus travel,
    • DBL  accommodation in hotel  with breakfast,
    • museums,
    • excursion to the accompaniment of the Russian-speaking guide.  

    The price does not include:

    • all additional visits not mentioned in  the program,
    • tips  to guides and  drivers,
    • meals, except breakfast on the second day.





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